An update on the Organisation and Governance Reform Program – Central Goldfields Shire was presented to a meeting of Central Goldfields Shire Council this week (27/02).

The Reform Program is in place to deliver the 37 key actions to be undertaken to respond and address every matter raised in both the Inspectorate and Monitor Reports.

One of the key action items of the reform program is a comprehensive review of the organisation structure. That Review has now concluded.

As part of the review the three existing general manager roles have been substantially re-cast to ensure a stronger focus on corporate governance, finance, risk, compliance and building community resilience.                                    

As these roles have been made radically different, consequently two current general managers have decided to pursue other career options (the third general manager position incumbent is in an acting role.)

Central Goldfields Shire Interim CEO Vince Haining said amendments to the organisation structure were essential in order to achieve a modern and efficient alignment of functions and responsibilities.

I wish to thank both general managers for their contributions and wish them very best for the future.”

“The three new general manager roles will be advertised during the next two weeks and our new incoming CEO Lucy Roffey will undertake the recruitment process.”

Other action items that have now been completed as part of the Reform Program include:

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