This week is Fire Action Week and Central Goldfields Shire is playing its part in preparing for the upcoming fire season.


Roadside Slashing Program


Council’s roadside slashing program is now underway and will continue throughout spring and summer.  As part of this program of work approximately 500 kilometres of the road network in the Shire will be cut.


Roadside slashing is carried out to assist in visibility and to reduce the risk of fires igniting.


Each year, the amount of growth is unique due to rainfall, or lack thereof, and when it occurs, this determines the extent of the slashing program.


Fire Prevention Notices


Before the start of the Fire Danger Period, Council’s Fire Prevention Officer will commence inspection on properties to ensure potential fire hazards have been removed.


If Council Fire Prevention Officers become aware that there is a fire hazard on a property, the property owner will be sent a fire prevention notice asking that the hazards are removed within a set period of time.

If the owner still doesn’t remove the hazard, Council will organise for a contractor to enter the premises and remove the fire hazard at expense of the owner. The property owner might also receive an infringement notice of $1580 as set by the Country Fire Authority Act.


Rural Access Road maintenance:


Council liaises with the CFA throughout the year to determine key rural access roads and undertakes improvement works to ensure accessibility for fire trucks during the fire season.


Permit to Burn Township Fire Fact Sheets:


Last month, Council finalised a series of fire fact sheets for the five towns and townships within the municipality.


The Fire Fact Sheets are available at and answer frequently asked questions relating to burning during the non-Fire Danger Period, what material can be burnt on properties, how residents can obtain a Permit to Burn, restrictions on what can be burnt and where more information can be accessed.


There is a zero tolerance policy for any unlawful fire during the Fire Danger Period meaning that offenders will find themselves facing court and potentially large fines and/or imprisonment.

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